Newly Added Contents to QIR (Sep, 2017)


We have registered various research outputs created by the researchers and graduate students in the University to Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR) and make them open through Collections.

Now, newly added contents in this month are as below:

Type # of new contents
(this month)

Total # of contents
(up to the end of this month)

Journal Article 6 3122
Thesis or Dissertation (*) 0 3314
Departmental Bulletin Paper 33 20840
Conference Paper 11 1142
Presentation 1 320
Book 0 391
Technical Report 0 527
Research Paper 22 825
Article 1 1047
Preprint 0 206
Learning Material 0 40
Others 6 2273
  80 34047

(*)"Thesis or Dissertation" contains those have only abstract and do not have fulltext.

Newly added Journals/Dissertations in this month are as below:

  • Journal of architecture and urban design, Kyushu University』30、31
  • 『Kyushu University Faculty of Law-News』23
  • 『Journal of Law and Politics』84(1)
  • 『RIAM Symposium』28(1)
  • 『Studies in Languages and Cultures』39
  • 『Seiji-Kenkyu』63

You can easily submit your research output at "Activities" on this website.
For details, see: (Only in Japanese)

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