Kyushu University Library 100th Anniversary (2022)

100 Years of the Kyushu University Library in Photographs

Greeting on the Centennial of the Kyushu University Library

The history of Kyushu University Library began with the establishment of the Kyushu Imperial University Library in 1922, and thanks to your support, we are celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2022.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many people who have used our library.
We will continue our efforts as an organization that supports your learning and research activities.

In this page, we look back on the 100-year history of the attached library with photos that have remained since its establishment.We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy them.

Kyushu University Library Centennial Logo

Kyushu University Library Centennial Logo

Request for Donations

Kyushu University Library would like to ask for your support for the next 100 years. For more information, please see "Kyushu University Digital Resource Development Project"

100 Years of the Kyushu University Library in Photographs

1. History of the Central Library

1-1. Pre-History of the Founding (~1922)

1-2. From the Founding to the East (1922-1925)

  • 小川政修(1875~1952)
  • Masanaga Ogawa (1875-1952)
    First Library Director

  • 益軒書翰(中央図書館所蔵)
  • Ekiken's letter (in the collection of the Central Library)

1-3. Opening of the main library (1925-1939)

  • 附属図書館本館外観(1928年)

    Exterior view of the Main Library (1928)

  • 附属図書館本館閲覧室(1928年)

    Reading room of the Main Library (1928)

  • 長壽吉(1880~1971)
  • Chou Jukichi (1880-1971)
    Second Library Director

  • 私立福岡図書館(明治末)
  • Private Fukuoka Library (Late Meiji Period)

1-4. Wartime and postwar period (1939-1961)

  • 大東亜戦争海戦写真展覧会(1942年)

    The Great East Asia War photo exhibition (1942)

  • 附属図書館事務室(1949年)

    Library office (1949)

1-5. Up to the construction of the new library (1961-1970)

1-6. Construction and opening of the Central Library (1970-1981)

  • 竣工当時の中央図書館(1972年)

    The Central Library at the time of completion (1972)

  • 中央図書館メインカウンター(1974年)

    Main counter of the Central Library (1974)

1-7. Library upgrading (1981-2004)

  • 中央図書館計算機室(1981年頃)

    Computer room in the Central Library (circa 1981)

1-8. Incorporation and Campus Relocation (2004-)

  • 文系合同図書室の高書架(2018年)

    High stacks in the Humanities Joint Library (2018)

  • 箱崎中央図書館閉館式(2018年7月)

    Closing ceremony of Hakozaki Central Library (July 2018)

  • 伊都中央図書館グランドオープン(2018年10月)

    Grand opening of Ito Central Library (October 2018)

2. History of branch libraries and attached institutions

2-1. Science and Technology Library

  • 農学部書庫および標本庫(戦前)

    Stacks and Specimen Collections, Faculty of Agriculture (prewar)

  • 理系図書館外観(2006年)

    Exterior view of the Science Library (2006)

2-2. Ropponmatsu Library

  • 福岡高等学校図書閲覧室(1935年頃)

    Fukuoka High School Library Reading Room (circa 1935)

  • 講堂(1965年頃)

    Auditorium (circa 1965)

  • 教養部分館(1980年)

    Liberal Arts Building (1980)

2-3. Medical Library

  • 落成式当日の医学部図書館(1956年)

    The School of Medicine Library on the day of the inauguration ceremony (1956)

  • 竣工当時の医学分館(現医学図書館)

    Medical Branch Library at the time of completion (current Medical Library)

2-4. Design Library

  • 竣工当時の九州芸術工科大学附属図書館

    Kyushu University of Art & Design Library at the time of completion

  • 芸術工学図書館(2007年)

    Art and Design Library (2007)

2-5. Chikushi Library

  • 筑紫図書館(2004年)

    Chikushi Library (2004)

2-6. Manuscript Library

  • 産業経済資料部門(2007年)

    Business and Economics Section (2007)

  • 福岡高等学校玉泉館(1931年頃)

    Fukuoka High School Gyokusenkan (circa 1931)

2-7. Innovation Center for Educational Resource

  • 伊都(理系)図書館グランドオープン内覧会での撮影スタジオ(2016年)

    Filming studio at the Ito (Science and Technology) Library grand opening preview (2016).

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