Workshop : Reference Management by Mendeley

Workshop 学内
2022.06.06 〜 2022.06.17

[Ito Campus] Central Library / Scitech Library / Online


Library holds a workshop for researchers to learn how to use the reference management software, Mendeley.
The software will save your time on organizing research papers and formatting references.

We will hold a Features Demo and Individual Assistance about Mendeley.
It is also available to participate either Features Demo or Individual Assistance.


Features Demo

Basic features of Mendeley

  • Add PDFs to Mendeley
  • Managing your documents and references
  • Citing references

※Individual consultation is also available after the workshop.

Date & Venue
※You can participate both in person and online.
※We will hold a workshop with the same content in Japanese.

Central Library 4F Cute.Commons
or Zoom
June 7, Tue. 13:00 - 13:30
June 8, Wed. 15:00 - 15:30

All Kyushu University Members

【Central Library】Up to 20 person.
【Zoom】Up to 10 person.
※We will stop accepting applications when the number of applicants reaches the quota.


Individual Assistance

Any questions about Mendeley are welcome!

  • How to install Mendeley ?
  • How to use Microsoft Word add-in?
  • How to share PDFs with colleagues?

Date & Venue

June 6-17, Weekdays
Central Library 3F Reference Desk Appointment required.
SciTech Library 1F Reference Desk NO appointment required.
Online Zoom Appointment required.

All Kyushu University Members

*For Participants
Thank you for your cooperation in the questionnaire.

◆Library Workshops Responses to COVID-19

  • temperature measurement
  • wearing a mask
  • hand sanitizer
  • keep distance
  • classroom ventilation


Learning and Research Support Section, Kyushu University Library

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