【Design Library】Science Planter Vol.29 “Information Design in the Age of Paper Media”

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All the World is Made of Paper

A worldwide, century-spanning project of cards, postcards, atlases, and catalogs, and other media.

Science Planter Vol. 29 is “Information Design in the Age of Paper Media.”
We will hear from Profesor Hisayasu Ihara, former director of the Design Library.

He will bring and introduce advertisement cards and leaflets from the Brücke movement, which he will use to tell the story of information designs rise to prominence at the start of the 20th century.  
Professor Ihara will delve deeply into an inquiry of design thought and design history, and perhaps change the very way we see it.



Friday, December 22, 2023



Location Design Library 1F Reading Hall

Prof. Hisayashu Ihara

(Kyushu University Faculty of Design)




*Science Planter is a science café-style seminar with a casual atmosphere that has been held at the Design Library since 2017.The concept is to nurture the "buds" of new interests.
*There is no charge for participation. Reservations are not required and you are free to attend.
*Please refrain from eating. Please bring your own beverages in plastic bottles or water bottles with lids that close.


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