Yuho-Bunko Collection

Yuho-Bunko Collection

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This is the online database of Yuho-Bunko Collection, which held by The Research Institute for Oriental Cultures Gakushuin University. It contains a large number of valuable materials on Korea during the colonial period. The collection includes memos, reports, and other internal documents left behind by bureaucrats and officials of the Governor-General's Office of Korea, which provide a glimpse into the actual state of colonial rule policies.

Part 1: Materials related to the budget of the Governor-General's Office / Watanabe Nobuo documents

It contains budget-related materials left by Naomasa Mizuta, the head of the Finance Bureau of the Governor-General's Office, and the "Watanabe Shinobu Documents" left by Shinobu Watanabe, the head of the Agriculture and Forestry Bureau of the Governor-General's Office. The former is the explanatory materials for the Imperial Diet, covering all aspects of Korean rule, including economics, security, and academics. The latter, the "Watanabe Nobuo Documents," cover a wide range of topics, including agriculture and forestry-related materials describing the actual conditions of farming villages at the time, materials related to the Council of District Commissioners and the Oriental Development Company, and materials from the Korean military headquarters.

Part 2: Materials on the Main Office and Local Offices of the Governor-General of Korea

Contains administrative materials of the Governor-General's Office, from the main office and the central office to local offices in each province of Korea. Also includes materials formerly held by Kondo Tsuyoshi (Gyeongseong Ilbo), including budget-related materials not included in Part 1.

Part 3: Materials of the Central Korean Association and Other Organizations, and Materials of the Colonial Economy and Industry

The collection consists of two types of materials: materials on organizations such as the Central Korean Association, which continued to have a close relationship with the Governor-General, and materials on the economy and industry during the colonial period. It also includes "Compilation of Korean Affairs (Chosen Mondai Zassan) "left by Yoshiro Sakatani, who served as president of the Central Korean Association for a long period of time , and "Central Korean Association Research Documents" (Chosen Kyokai Chosen Kenkyu Shisho) . There is also a wealth of material on financial matters, such as the Chosun Colonization Bank and the Federation of Korean Financial Associations.

Part 4: Materials related to postwar repatriation and overseas assets

Focuses on post-war and post-colonial liberation materials. This collection includes corporate materials related to colonial Korea collected for the survey of overseas assets, materials related to the Korean Industrialist's Association established with Japanese industrialist as members, and materials related to repatriation and internment such as the Korean Repatriates Association. Also includes materials related to the compilation and writing of "A Historical Survey of Japanese Activities Abroad" by the Ministry of Finance's Overseas Property Research Committee.

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