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CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform

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  • User registration required (see below)
  • It is not allowed to download the search results of more than 5,000.
  • 1 user, 1 ID Only.

From April 1, 2023, CAS Formulus, CAS Analytical Methods, etc. will also be available on the same platform as CAS SciFinderⁿ. The ID and password used for login are the same as those for CAS SciFinderⁿ.


A platform for comprehensive use of workflow tools for research in the fields of chemistry, science and technology, and life sciences.
You can search widely for academic papers, patents, chemical substances, chemical reactions, physical properties, laws and regulations, reagent catalogs, formulation and combination information, analytical methods, and more.
Each menu can be switched by clicking the ︙ button in the upper left corner of the screen.

■ CAS SciFinder-n

CAS SciFinder-n allows users to search useful scientific information with an advanced research engine and a simple interface. It includes not only papers and patents but also information on chemical compounds and organic reactions. Thus, CAS SciFinder-n is an essential tool for researchers all over the world.

<You can obtain the following information with CAS SciFinder-n>

  • Papers: Articles and patents on chemistry from 1808, and articles on medical care drawn by PubMed (MEDLINE) from 1946
  • Materials: All information on materials with CAS number from 1907 and catalog information on reagents and compounds 
  • Reactions: Information on organic reactions from 1840, and "Retrosynthesis Plannner", which performs reverse synthesis analysis from the input final product and suggests various synthetic routes.

If you have not used CAS SciFinder-n before, user registration is required at first.
Registration Page


■ CAS Analytical Methods

A search service specializing in analytical information on analytical procedures, instruments, validation data, etc. for chemical substances and biomolecules.
The service focuses on the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical fields, with some coverage of other peripheral fields, and provides access to information on analytical methods directly from the CAS SciFindern literature records.

■ CAS Formulus

A search service specializing in formulation and compounding information. Information on pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, and other drug formulations and formulations, as well as price and regulatory information on each ingredient related to manufacturing costs, can also be checked.

  • Included references: patents, journals (from CAplus files), drug inserts (from NLM's DailyMed database)
  • Fields covered:
    • (Focus areas) Pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics
    • (Some fields are included) Coating agents, daily necessities, foods, materials
  • Number of patents: More than 4.68 million patents (formulations and compound units)
  • Collection period:
    • English language patents: 1996 -
    • Patents in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, and French: 2000- (depending on the language)
    • Journals: 2011- (depending on language)


User registration is required for the first use of CAS SciFinder-n, click here
For more information on registration, see here (movie)

  • Check and change the registerd information
    • When you forgot username or password, see here
    • When you want to change email address, see here
  • Note on getting multiple user IDs
    • One ID per user is only applicable.
    • When you change your email address, for example when you advance to graduate school, see here to revise. Do not get a new user ID.
  • Note on accounts no longer used
    • To prevent unauthorized use, accounts that have not been used for a long term will be suspended
    • If you want to continue using the account, you can click on the link shown in the confirmation email sent to you in advance
    • If you have transferred from another university, you cannot continue to use your account. Please create a new account.
    • If you want to reuse them after suspension, please contact the library or JAICI. Do not create a new account!

Information for use and user's manual

Useful Tool

  • JAICI Science Dictionary
    An online tool that you can search subject terms between Japanese and English including synonyms and hierarchical relationship of terms.


*SciFinder was changed into SciFinder-n from April 1st, 2020. Transfer your settings to the new one.
An old version of SciFinder can be accessible from here.

【Username (Login ID) and password】
You can use the same username and password.

【Transition of saved results and alerts】
You can transfer your saved results and alerts to SciFinder-n. This must be done during the transition period.
<How to transfer>
On the top page of SciFinder-n, click "★Saved" on the top right, then click "Migrate Alerts & Saved Results".
If you saved your results in .akx format, call up them in the current SciFinder and then perform the above work as SciFinder-n is not able to read in.akx format.

If you have any questions about transfer, contact JAICI.

  • Chemistry
  • Medicine, Life Sciences & Agriculture
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Q. How do I start SciFinder-n?
    A. You must create a user account at first. Please see the "Registration" above.

Q. Can I create my account from off-campus?
    A. Yes, you can create your account from off-campus. Please see the "Registration" above.

Q. I want to use yahoo mail of gmail as an e-mail address for registration.
   A. You must register e-mail address of Kyushu University domain:,,

Q. I entered an e-mail address of Kyushu University domain, but the message "The e-mail is not within the e-mail domain for your organization." is displayed, and I cannot register.
    A. If you use other Kyushu University domain address than,, and, please contact us from the inquiry form. Besides, you cannot use Qdai-mail (

Q. I can't login despite I already registered.
    A. User registration completes by clicking on the link in the confirmation email sent by CAS after filling out the form on the registration site.

Q. My e-mail address has changed because I go on to graduate school.
    A. Please login to myCAS with your SciFinder-n username and password. You can change your registered e-mail address from MyProfile. SciFinder-n prohibits double registration. You must not create another account with your new e-mail address.

Q. I created my account before, but I forgot my username and password.
    A. Access here to change your username or password. If your email address has changed since registration, this method is not available. Ask JAICI.

Q. I can't login to SciFinder-n.

  • in case of an error message "Username or password is incorrect."
    Check the entered Username and password, and reset your password if necessary.
  • in case of an error message "This account is not authorized for access at this time"
    Your account might be suspended, then refer the following Q&A. When you access from your favorite on a browser, try to access from the "Access" bottom above.
  • in case of an error message "Access to SciFinder-n is not authorized from this IP address"
    SciFinder-n is accessible only from an on-campus network. If you see this message although you access from on-campus, ask Inquiry Form with a displayed IP address.

Q. I enter my username and password, but a blank page is displayed or a web browser is forced a shut-down.
    A. Please clear your  browser's cache.

Q. I don't know how to use SciFinder-n.
    A. Please refer QUICK START GUIDE or Quick REFERENCE GUIDE, or ask JAICI.

Q. Is SciFinder-n available after graduation?
    A. SciFinder-n is only available to students, faculty and staff of Kyushu University. See the terms of use.

Q. I tried to login for the first time in a long time. A message "Username and/or password is invalid" is displayed and I cannot login to SciFinder-n.
    A. To prevent unauthorized use of your account, accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time will be suspended. If you wish to continue using SciFinder-n, you can click the link in the confirmation email sent to you before suspending your account. If you would like to reuse SciFinder-n after it has been suspended, please contact the library or JAICI. Do NOT create a new account.


Terms of Use

  • SciFinder-n is only accessible to students, faculty and staff of Kyushu University
  • The use of SciFinder-n should be for learning and education not for commercial research
  • Sharing and transfer of accounts are prohibited. Use your own ID. Also, 1 user is able to get 1 ID
  • Maximum downloadable number is 5000 based on the contract, and manumum number at one operation is 100.
  • If you violate the terms of use, your right to access SciFinder-n could be suspended. Please comply with the terms of use

Some notes

  • 1 user is able to get 1ID
  • When you change an email address, for example when you advance to graduate school, see here to change an email address. Do not get a new user ID
  • When you forgot your ID or password, see here.
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