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SciFinder (Academic) is a research discovery tool that allows college students and faculty to access a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, material science, agricultural science, and more! With one single source, you can explore scientific information in journals and patent literature from around the world:

  • references from nearly 9,500 currently published journals and patents from more than 50 active patent issuing authorities
  • important scientific discoveries from the mid-1800s to the present
  • the latest scientific breakthroughs almost as soon as they are published with references added daily and some patent information as recent as two days ago
  • the world's largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information

When you access the web version of SciFinder (Academic) for the first time, user registration is necessary.

User Registration Guide (You can register to SciFinder only on campus)

Each user can get only 1 ID in SciFinder.
Register your new e-mail address when you changed your email address.
You are not able to get a new ID.
Refer to the following document to register your new e-mail address.

When you forget your ID or password, check this document.

The IDs which have not been used for over 2 years are not activated temporarily to prevent the unauthorized use.
If you wish to activate your ID again, contact us from the inquiry form.

Coverage years: 
Natural Sciences
Health & Biological Sciences


Q. How do I start SciFinder web version?
    A. You must create a user account at first. please see the "User Registration Guide" above.

Q. Can I create my account from off-campus?
    A. Yes, you can create your account from off-campus. For details, please contact us from the inquiry form.

Q. I want to use yahoo mail of gmail as an e-mail address for registration.
   A. You must register e-mail address of Kyushu University domain: kyushu-u.ac.jp, kyushu-univ.jp, kyushu-u.jp.

Q. I entered an e-mail address of Kyushu University domain, but the message "The e-mail is not within the e-mail domain for your organization." is displayed, and I cannot register.
    A. If you use other Kyushu University domain address than kyushu-u.ac.jp, kyushu-univ.jp, and kyushu-u.jp, please contact us from the inquiry form. Besides, you cannot use Qdai-mail (@kyudai.jp).

Q. My e-mail address has changed because I go on to graduate school.
    A. Please login to myCAS with your SciFinder username and password. You can change your registered e-mail adderss from MyProfile. SciFinder prohibits double registeration. You must not create another account with your new e-mail address.

Q. I created my account before, but I have forgot my username and password.
    A. Please click "Forgot Username or Password?" on SciFinder web sign-in window, and enter your username or password. Answer your security information question, receive a message in registered e-mail address, and you can reset your password.
    *** The accounts which have not been used for two years are deleted by the provider for the security reason. Please create your account again.

Q. I cannot access to SciFinder web version.
    A. If you access via "Favorite" of a webbrowser, you may not access to SciFinder with error (HTTP500).

Q. I have installed Java, but the Structure Editor doesn't launched.
    A. The LibGuides by California Institute of Technology Library may help you.

Q. I enter my username and password, but blank page is displayed or a web browser is forced a shut-down.
    A. Please clear your  browser's cache.

Q. I cannot login by Internet Explorer 6 with an error "An unexpected error has occurred".
    A. Please update your web browser version to the one recommended by SciFinder.

Q. I try to open the Structure Editor, but a message "The structure editor is opening" keeps displayed.
    A. Please update Java plugin to the latest version.

Q. I tryed to login for the first time in a long time. A message "Username and/or password is invalid" is displayed and I cannot login to SciFinder.
    A.The accounts which have not been used for two years are deleted by the provider for the security reason. Please create your account again.