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An extensive collection of documents belonging to Takeo Miki (1907-88), who served as 66th Prime Minister of Japan. In addition to primary sources showing the international situation particularly in Asia, the Middle East, and in Soviet-Chinese-US relations during the turbulent years of the 1960s to‘80s, Related Documents on Takeo Miki serves as a rich source of information on Japanese domestic affairs, including administrative and financial reform, pollution and environmental problems, social security, and issues in education.

Part 1: Hayato Ikeda / Eisaku Sato cabinet period (1960-1972)

Focuses mainly on the Ikeda/Sato cabinet, with documents also from the prewar era up to the Kishi cabinet. Includes records of Ikeda’s US visit, classified material dealing with negotiations for the return of the Ogasawara Islands and Okinawa to Japan, and documents connected with Miki’s talks with Zhou Enlai on his trip to China in April 1972. Also contains considerable material on the Vietnam War and other aspects of the situation in Indochina at the time.

Kaishinto, Ikeda's US visit, Miki's US visit, Sato's US visit, negotiations for the return of the Ogasawara Islands and Okinawa to Japan, Miki's talks with Zhou Enlai, Japan-Korea Regular Ministerial Meeting, Vietnam War, Ministerial conference for the Economic Development of Southeast Asia, ASPAC

Part 2: Tanaka Kakuei cabinet period (1972-1974)

Contains numerous documents on Miki’s special mission to the Middle East in the wake of the oil shock, plus documents from his time as Director of the Environment Agency in the Tanaka cabinet, including material dealing with pollution and environmental problems, such as Minamata disease. Also includes documents related to the 4th (defense) Buildup Plan, and Plan for Remodeling the Japanese Archipelago.

Tanaka's US visit, normalization of Japan-China diplomatic relations, oil shock, Miki’s special mission to the Middle East, the 4th (defense) Buildup Plan, Plan for Remodeling the Japanese Archipelago, Minamata disease

Part 3: Term as Prime Minister (1974-1976)

Contains classified material on the Lockheed scandal, the first G6 Summit in Rambouillet, and the next (G7) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, plus documents from talks between Miki and US President Gerald Ford. Includes material dealing with revisions to antitrust laws and laws on political funding, negotiations involved in signing of the Japan-China Treaty of Peace and Friendship, the situation on the Korean Peninsula, issues with ratification of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), and the National Defense Program Outline limiting defense expenditure to 1 percent of GNP.

Miki's US visit, negotiations for Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty, Rambouillet and San Juan Summit, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty(NPT), "National Defense Program Outline", Amendment to the Political Funds Control Act, Amendment to the Public Offices Election Act, Amendment to the Anti-Monopoly Act, strike for strike, life cycle plan, Lockheed Scandal

Part 4: Post-premiership (1976-1988)

Miki retained his influence as a pivotal faction figure even after stepping down as Prime Minister. Part 4 is a comprehensive collection of documents that includes materials related to summits and overseas travel during the Fukuda and Ohira cabinets; political reform and political ethics, typified by the outline for a law on special measures to clean up elections that Miki submitted to Prime Minister Ohira; and to disarmament and peace, into which Miki channeled considerable energy in his later years, including as chairman of the Kokusai Gunshuku Sokushin Giin Renmei group of Diet members committed to promoting global disarmament.

the outline for a law on special measures to clean up elections,  the Kokusai Gunshuku Sokushin Giin Renmei, Brandt Commission, Palme Commission, materials related to summits

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