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The collection contains approximately 450 autographs of more than 60 modern literature writers from the Meiji period to the early postwar period, which are held by the Kyoshi Memorial Literature Museum.
Major authors included in the collection are Takahama Kyoshi, Natsume Soseki, Mori Ogai, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Masaoka Shiki, Sato Haruo, Nagatsuka Setsu, etc. The contents include manuscripts, letters, and manuscripts of haiku meetings.
This is an essential collection of materials not only for modern literature, but also for the history of modern art and publishing culture.

Main Materials
Autograph manuscripts include the last chapter of "I am a cat" by Soseki Natsume.
The correspondence includes mainly Soseki Natsume and Shiki Masaoka, but also includes Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Rohan Koda, Haruo Sato, and new materials such as Mori Ogai's correspondence that was discovered in 2018 and has never been included in a complete collection.