For Visitors : Using Materials

We provide our library materials to visitors for academic purposes by the following methods:

  1. For those who are affiliated with other academic institutions, we lend books or send photocopies via the institutions.
  2. For the general public, we lend books or send photocopies via public libraries.
  3. For our rare collections and bulletins, we digitize and make them open to the public online as possible as we can.
  4. Unless otherwise provided by the above methods, your visiting will be accepted by appointment at Central Library, Science and Technology Library, Medical Library, and Chikushi Library.

For 1. and 2., shipping and photocopying fees will be charged. For details, see here.

For 4., Ask us via libraries of institutions you are affiliated with or your nearest public libraries. Do not contact us in person.

To prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, method 4 is the only way to access the library materials for non-affiliated users.



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