• Der Bibliothek von Wolfgang Kunkel
    Title Transcription: Der Bibliothek von Wolfgang Kunkel
    Holding: Central Library
    Volumes: About 4,800 books
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Western Books
    Subject: History, Geography, Law, Politics

Private Collection by Prof. Wolfgang Kunkel (University of Munich).
Coverage of the collection is Roman law, public law, Roman history, Greek history, Papyrology, German history, etc.
The collection consists of about 3,000 books, 1,300 periodicals and over 8,000 offprints.

-Important material:
Corpus juris civilis in quatuor partes distinctum,
Dionysio Gothofredo

Shigeo Nishimura「クンケル文庫について」(『図書館情報』19(4),1983)
Shigeo Nishimura「『クンケル文庫目録』について」(『図書館情報』25(1),1989)
Shigeo Nishimura「大学図書館の魅力」(『図書館情報』39(3),2004)



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