• Kondo Collection
    Title Transcription: Kondo Collection
    Holding: Central Library
    Volumes: 396 sets 2,244 volumes
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Wahon, Chinese Books
    Subject: Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Linguistics

Private collection of Kondo Isai (近藤畏斎), a feudal retainer of the Hirado Domain. Isai and Kusumoto Sekisui (楠本碩水, his private collection is also located in Kyushu University Library as Sekisui Collection) were a friend from childhood. The collection is mainly consists of the literary works written by Confucianists.

Accession date and number of Volumes:
 November 15, 1934 / 357 sets 2016 volumes
 December 5, 1936 / 13 sets 186 volumes
 March 25, 1938 / 26 sets 42 volumes
 1 volume added afterwards (『春秋集伝大全』)
 Total: 396 sets 2245 volumes

Supplier: Sekibun-kan (積文館)
Collection mark: "近藤文庫" stamped on the catalog cards
Ownership mark: 「畏齋藏書」 etc.


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