• Kano Collection
    Title Transcription: Kano Collection
    Holding: Central Library Medical Library
    Volumes: 247 sets 726 volumes
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Wahon, Chinese Books
    Subject: Philosophy, Religion, Science, Medical Science

A part of personal holdings of Dr. Kokichi Kano. Kyushu University purchased Korean books, directories and bibliographic catalogs from his holdings.

Accession date:
 December 24, 1924 - Replaced from Kyushu University Administrative office to the Faculty of Law and Letters.
 August 15, 1927 - Replaced from the Faculty of Law and Letters to the library.
Collection mark: "狩野文庫" on the catalog cards.
Ownership mark: "狩野氏圖書記" etc.

Central Library) Rare Books Room and Semi-Rare Books Room, Medical Library) Rare Books Room