• Omori Harutoyo Collection
    Title Transcription: Omori Harutoyo Collection
    Holding: Medical Library
    Volumes: 613 books
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Wahon, Western Books
    Subject: Medical Science

 Harutoyo Omori was one of the founders of Kyushu University, having served as the principal of Fukuoka Medical School and the first president of Fukuoka Medical College of Kyoto Imperial University as well as the director of the affiliated medical center.
Former collections, mainly medical books. The library was established on May 29, 1922 (the first director was Ogawa Masashu).
 At that time, the attached library was administered in the reading room on the campus of the School of Medicine.
When the main library building was completed in Hakozaki in 1925 (Taisho 14), some of the books in the reading room were moved to the main building. As a result, Omori's old collection was also dispersed between the Central Library and the Library of Medicine, but in June 2016, the Central Library's collection was moved to the Library of Medicine.
 Currently, the location of one-third of the total collection has been confirmed, but the remaining two-thirds are still under investigation.