• Aoki Family Documents
    Title Transcription: Aoki Family Documents
    Holding: Medical Library
    Volumes: 123
    Category: Archival Documents
    Contents Type: Archival Documents
    Subject: Literature, Linguistics, History, Geography, Medical Science

123 documents of the Aoki family, doctors of the Fukuoka domain. Consisting of medical historical documents, copies of medieval documents (Akao family documents), early modern documents, poems, etc., the collection contains valuable materials for research on medical history, medieval history, regional history, and literary history.
Research by Michel Wolfgang, a member of the Research and Development Office of the Fukuoka City Library, revealed their high material value, and in 2015, the Fukuoka City Museum's Municipal History Compilation Office conducted research and digitized them, making the images and catalog information available on the Kyushu University Collection.