Jinbutsu Sosho is introduced.


We have introduced Jinbutsu Sosho for trial, and it can be browsed continuously.

We carry out “Japan Knowledge JK Books Jinbutsu Sosho 270 volumes"
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2017/3/21 (Tue) ~ 3/31 (Fri)
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What is Jinbutsu Sosho
Jinbutsu Sosho is one of the largest biographies
published by Yoshikawa Kobunkan and edited by Nihon Rekishi Gakkai.
It is recording the important and influential people including foreigners
for Japanese historyfrom ancient times to present-day on various fields
such as politics, economy, literature, religion, and art.

Many readers are fond of reading it for the biography since it was published in 1958.
It is a useful and accurate biography series for research and got 11th Kikuchi Kan award.