Emergency drill was held at the Central Library

Central Library

Once a year, Kyushu University Central Library plans to conduct a emergency drill.

This year, a comprehensive drill was held on August 28, assuming a fire.

During the comprehensive drill, we assumed that a fire broke out on the second floor of the Central Library, and experienced a series of procedures such as reporting a fire, putting out the initial fire, and guiding the evacuation. The library users were asked to evacuate to the outdoors together, and were given a disaster prevention book containing tips on what to keep in mind in a disaster.

After the comprehensive drill, the staff members were briefed on the use of the fire extinguishing system and smoke exhaust system, and practiced actually putting out a hose from a fire hydrant and discharging water.

All staff members will continue to strive to improve their disaster awareness and disaster preparedness through drills so that they will be able to properly guide evacuations, etc. in a disaster.


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