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"Oxford Handbooks Online 2019 Collection", "Documents related to Kiichi Miyazawa Part 3" and "Goto Shinpei Documents Part 4" are now available.

Oxford Handbooks Online 2019 Collection

Articles published in 2019 in the following 8 disciplines are now available.
・Business and Management
・Economics and Finance
・Political Science


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Documents related to Kiichi Miyazawa Part 3

This is the database of materials holded by Kiichi Miyazawa (1919 - 2007), the 78th Prime Minister of Japan.
The collection covers the period when Miyazawa held important positions, and consists of original materials such as unpublished diaries and memos, diplomatic documents, ministry and party policy materials, and correspondence with key figures in Japan and abroad.

Part 3: Minister for Foreign Affairs / Documents related to International Conferences (1974-1979)
Documents related to meetings of the Foreign Ministers / Prime Minister Miki's visit to the U.S. / Japan-China relations / Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko's visit to Japan / Japan-Australia meetings / Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and the reversion of Okinawa to Japan / Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty / Diet and internal affairs


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Goto Shinpei Documents Part 4

This is the vast collection of documents left by Goto Shinpei (1857-1929), a bureaucrat and politician who was active from the Meiji era to the early Showa era.
Goto Shinpei played an active role in the administration of Japan's colonies, including serving as the Civil Administrator of the Taiwan Governor's Office and the first president of the Manchurian Railway Company. He also held important positions such as Minister of Communications, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mayor of Tokyo, and President of the Imperial Reconstruction Agency.

In addition to the microfilm version of the "Goto Shinpei Documents" and the DVD version of the "Collection of Letters," which have already been published and used in many studies, the online version comprehensively includes unrecorded and newly donated materials from the collection of the Goto Shinpei Memorial Museum, as well as related materials from the collection of the City Government Library.
It also includes reference information on the voluminous biographies that make full use of the "Goto Shinpei Documents" to guide readers to the original materials.

Part 4: Letters
In addition to the materials included in the DVD version, this collection includes new letters and other materials from his time as president of the Manchurian Railway Company.


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