<Central & Sci&Tech> Group Study Areas are Available


Since November 8, 2021, active learning spaces are available for group study (up to a maximum of 4).

Central Library

【Available Area】
 4F Cute.Commons(Workshop Area and Group Study Room are excluded)

【Available Hours】
 Weekdays ONLY. Available until 10 minites before closing.  (Weekends and national holidays are closed until further notice)

Science & Technology Library

【Available Area】
 1F Learning Commons

【Available Hours】
  Available until 10 minites before closing.

Strictly follow the rules:

  • Each group must be up to a maximum of 4. (The numbers vary on tables.)
  • Up to 3 hours per your use.
  • Wear a mask during your stay.
  • Do NOT speak loudly.
  • Do NOT move tables and chairs to keep a distance.
  • Do NOT be seated too close. Do NOT face each other.
  • Do NOT researve your seat. Do NOT leave your belongings.
  • Sanitize tables and chairs when you leave.

When users do not follow the rules, such areas wll have to be closed to secure your safety.
Library services are subject to change due to the pandemic situation.

Contact Information

Central Library tousiryou@jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Science & Technology Library titoservice@jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp 

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