Request for permission to digitize "Journal of health science"


Kyushu University Library is working to digitize the research outputs in the University and make it available to anyone online in accordance with our open access policy.

With the approval of the editorial board, we plan to digitize the back issues of the Journal of health science and make them available in the repository.

Authors and copyright holders can make an objection by sending us an email. Please contact us by January 31, 2022, if you do not want to public relevant articles in the repository. If you do not make an offer by the due date, we will proceed with the working, assuming it has been accepted. Even after the due date, it will be changed to non-public if notified. Also, please understand that we are not asking for copyright transfer.

Target publication:

Release site:

Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR)

Some of the papers published up to issue 30 (2011) and all those published after issue 31 (2012) are already available on the following page.

June 20, 2022:
Now all backnumber is available from the above URL!!



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