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Documents Related to Sakae Wagatsuma is now available.

From the vast collection of materials held by Sakae Wagatsuma (1897-1973), one of the leading postwar legal scholars, this collection covers the fields of constitutional law, the judicial system, civil law, civil procedure, land and house lease, and atomic energy.
It is composed mainly of materials from the Legislative Council and study groups in which Wagatsuma participated, and is particularly rich in materials related to the revision of the Civil Code, judicial system reform, and the enactment of the Nuclear Damage Compensation Law.
This is a first-class collection of historical materials that will benefit not only the fields of law, including constitutional law and civil law, but also political history, administrative history, nuclear power and energy policy, family sociology, and many other fields.

Part 1: Constitutional Law and other Public Law, Judiciary
Part 2: Land and House Lease, Civil Procedure, Civil Law 1
Part 3: Civil Law 2, Nuclear Power


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