About expiration of SpringerNature's SpringerLink e-journals package


To Faculty, Staff, and Students of Kyushu University

As we already informed you through the website and documents, SpringerNature's SpringerLink e-journals package expired at 31 December 2019.
Please be aware that you no longer have access to the journals as a package after 1 January.

 *We retain the accessible journal titles to some extent by individual title contracts.
 *SpringerLink e-journals package doesn't include Nature and Nature related journals.


About titles of the cancelled journal, please refer to the below list.
 Cancelled title list:2020/1/6ver

About alternative means to access cancelled journals, and details of termination of Springer's package contract, please refer to the below website pages of the University Library.
 Information on E-Journal's Subscription (On campus only)



Electronic Resources Management Section, University Library
Mail: toemanage[a]jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp  (Please replace [a] with @.)
TEL: 092-802-2489

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