Important: Emergency Drill on Sept. 25

Old Central
The Central Library will hold an emergency drill.
Everyone in the library on the following time must join the drill.
The service counter will be CLOSED during the time below.
We do ask for your understanding and co-operation.
Date & Time: September 25. (wed) 14:00 - 16:00
Location: 2F lobby, etc. in the Central Library
  1. Lecture on emergency procedures in the Central Library (14:00~14:10)
  2. Lecture on anticrime measures (14:10~15:00)
    • Fighting off an attacker
    • Countermeasures against sexual offences (self-defense skills, etc.) *strongly recommended to women student
  3. Earthquake Evacuation Exercise (15:10~15:50)
Please join in 1.and 2.if you are interested in. EVERYONE must join in 3. Earthquake Evacuation Exercise from earthquake occurrence to getting outside. Please follow the announcement that time.

This year, earthquake evacuation exercise will be carried out on the assumption that the entrance of the library would collapse in the earthquake.
In this case, you would use staff entrances which is unfamilier for you. As a precaution, you should have an experience with it.


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TEL: 092-642-2533