Library Workshop Oct. 2019: How to Search for Academic Papers

Workshop 学内
2019.10.23 〜 2019.11.01

Ito Campus

Searching academic papers is an essential part of research.
However, we often encounter some trouble while searching.
"How can I find this article?"
"Too many papers... Which should I start to read?"
To overcome such troubles,
let's learn how to search academic papers efficiently.
We welcome everyone in Kyushu University.

 How to Search for Academic Papers (90min.) *

  • Search for the Library holdings
  • Search for journal articles
  • Tips to search more effectively
  • Search for all academic contents
  • Tools to use: Kyushu University Collection/ Scopus/ Web of Science/ Google Scholar/ World Contents

​​※We also hold Workshops in Japanese. 
For more information, see HERE.

Library Date Time Room
Central Library November 1st 13:00 - 14:30 Cute.Commons, Central Library 4F 
SciTech Library October 30th 14:50 - 16:20 Internet Salon, Scitech Library 2F
Chikushi Campus October 23rd 16:10 - 17:40 E-Learning Space, C-Cube 2F

What is the workshop like?

Registration is required. Apply this form. >> Registration Form

【Before the workshop】

Remember to bring your own laptop and set up the university Wi-Fi network in advance.
If you have a trouble to connect Wi-Fi, come to the place earlier. We staffs are happy to help you.

【After the workshop】

We appreciate your coopertation for
Questionary Survey 


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