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Ohashi Campus

Have you explored the newly renovated Design Library yet?

It reopened at the end of June 2023, after about a year of reconstruction.

Design faculty were deeply involved with the project, utilizing their various fields of expertise in the planning, interior coodination, authorization, and setup of its various facilities.

A renovation of this scale is a major undertaking that takes place only once in a half-century.
It raises the question: is it chance or fate that brings together such a group of individuals at a particular time and place?
This was a project was full of little serendipities brought about by their collective presence.

Science Planter Vol.27 invites five professors involved in the renovation of the Design Library.
They will share their insights and behind-the-scenes stories of how this new space came to be.





October 23, 2023 Mon.



Location Design Library 1F Reading Hall

Asst. Prof. Masaaki Iwamoto

Assoc. Prof. Naoshige Akita

Assoc. Prof. Kazuhiro Jo

Asst. Prof. Mao Kudo

Assoc. Prof. Minako Ikeda(Moderator)

(Kyushu University Faculty of Design)




*Science Planter is a science café-style seminar with a casual atmosphere that has been held at the Design Library since 2017.The concept is to nurture the "buds" of new interests.
*There is no charge for participation. Reservations are not required and you are free to attend.
*Please refrain from eating. Please bring your own beverages in plastic bottles or water bottles with lids that close.


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