Workshop for Chemical Information

2018.04.18 〜 2018.04.19


Workshop for seniors and graduate students in chemistry

Are these compounds totally new?!
Get the structural formula of the additives and drugs?
Get information for related reactions or structral analogs?
How SciFinder helps us anyway?
Patent... oops, how should we search it?

【Table of Contents】

  • Get information on compounds or sequences.
    (Organic & Inorganic Compounds, Polymer, Alloy, Metal Complex, Protein, Nucleic Acid, etc.)
        - Search from structure formula, physical properties, references, etc.

  • Get information for related reactions or structural analogs.
        - Search from chemical structure (ChemDraw is launched)
           - Search from reactions and reaction routes

                ・・・and more!

Date Time PC Location
April 18, WED 14:00 - 15:30 Bring Your PC 【Hospital Campus】
Lecture Room 3, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 3F
April 19, THU 10:30 - 12:00 【Ito Campus】
Internet Salon, Ito Library 2F



  • User Registration
    When you access SciFinder for the first time, user registration is required.
    Make sure you should get your own ID before you come to the workshop.

    Registration guide is here(You can register to SciFinder only on campus)
  • PC
    Please bring your laptop PC connected Wi-Fi (edunet or kitenet).


【To Participants】

Please answer the questionnaire.

【Contact Information】
Medical Library
TEL: 092-642-6040

【How to Apply】

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