SCiFinder Workshop

Workshop Members
2015.05.27 〜 2015.05.29


Workshop for seniors and graduate students in chemistry

Are these compounds totally new?!
Get the structural formula of the additives and drugs?
Get information for related reactions or structral analogs?
How SciFinder helps us anyway?
Patent... oops, how should we search it?


  • Get involved with SciFinder!
  • Get information on compounds or sequences
    (Organic & Inorganic Compounds, Polymer, Alloy, Complex, Protein, Nucleic acid, etc)
  • Get articles in your research topic or a particular patent properly! 
Time Schedule
Campus Date Time Place
Hakozaki May 27, Wednesday 14:30 - 16:00 Information Salon 2, Central Library


Reservations is NOT required. Feel free to join us!

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