Materials Related to the Tokyo Trials and War Trials Online

Materials Related to the Tokyo Trials and War Trials Online

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The Ministry of Justice continued to conduct research, collect materials, and compile a general history and other materials related to the Tokyo Trials and war crimes until the 1970s based on the "Outline of the Plan for the Collection of Materials Related to the War Trials" decided by the Ministry Council in 1956.
This database provides cross-sectional access to the vast amount of compiled and collected materials created by the Ministry of Justice during that time.
It consists of extensive source documents from the war to the 1970s.
It includes more than 360 volumes of compilations, related materials, hearing transcripts, and collected materials, including a general history and other compilations prepared by the Ministry of Justice, as well as related materials, hearing transcripts, and collected materials from "Materials Related to War Crimes Trials: Research and Investigation Materials of the Judicial Law Research Division" transferred to the National Archives of Japan by the Ministry of Justice.

Part 1 General History and Compilation Related Materials / Research Materials
This section contains the basic materials for the study of the Tokyo Trials, including "Outline of the War Crimes Trials"
 (the part already made public), "Outline of the War Crimes Trials", and "Outline of the Release of War Criminals",
as well as other compilations and related materials compiled by the Ministry of Justice.
Also includes research materials such as minutes of study groups on war crimes trials. Approximately 140 volumes.

Part 2 Hearing Transcripts
It contains interview transcripts of more than 100 witnesses from the former Army and Navy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including former Class A prisoners, defense attorneys, and others involved in the Tokyo Trials. The interviews cover a wide range of people, including not only politicians and palace officials who were at the center of the government, but also diplomats, administrative vice-ministers, and military officers at the rank of colonel. It includes handwritten and typed interview transcripts as well as letters, memoirs, etc. Approximately 100 volumes.

Part 3: Collection Materials/Staff Notebooks for War Criminal Materials
This is a collection of original documents collected by the Ministry of Justice related to the Tokyo Trials and war crimes.
The collection is particularly rich in records of discussions at the United Nations regarding war crimes and the definition of aggression,
and Japan's response to these discussions. In addition, the notebooks written by the officials in charge of war crimes materials consist of notes taken during the hearings and investigations, etc., and complement the hearing transcripts included in Part II. Approximately 120 volumes.

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