Materials Related to Social Policy and Energy Policy Online

Materials Related to Social Policy and Energy Policy Online

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This is the database of materials about diverse policies holded by Hiromi Arisawa, an economist who had a great influence on postwar economic policy.

Part 1 : Materials Related to Social Policy

It mainly contains council materials related to social policy from 1950s to 1980s.
It also contains materials related to the wartime economy and economic policy during the postwar reconstruction period and materials of the National Land Development Council etc.
It is an indispensable historical materials for empirical research on the history of social policy in postwar Japan.

Part 2 : Materials Related to Energy Policy

It mainly contains materials related to postwar energy policy, in which Arisawa played a central role in formulating policy.
It includes materials from councils, study groups, and research groups related to energy policy from the 1950s to the 1980s, for example, coal-related materials from the Industrial Rationalization Council in the 1950s, overseas oil-related research materials from the European Petroleum Survey Group and Overseas Energy Survey Group in the 1960s, and materials from the Atomic Energy Commission.
It is a valuable historical materials for tracing the footsteps of Japan's postwar energy policy.

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