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The National Diet Library Online Search and Request Service (NDL Online) is the catalog of library materials and digital contents at the National Diet Library in Japan.

Scope of the search

  • Library materials
    • Includes books, periodicals, newspaper or magazine articles (the Japanese Periodicals Index), Japanese and Chinese old materials, maps, materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan, standards, technical reports, etc.
  • Digital contents
    • The NDL Digital Collections, E-Books, E-Journals, etc.
  • Materials for persons with print disabilities
    • Audio recordings of academic literature produced by the NDL, etc.
  • Subject information
    • Contents database (Research Navi)

The National Diet Library has provided following some services.

The National Diet Library search
   Synthetic searching from collections of The National Diet Library, public libraries in the world, Archives Building, art galleries, and academic research institutions.    detail
The Diet Record
   Searching for the diet record information from the first session of the Diet (May, 1947).    detail
Research Navi
   Providing useful date and know‐how of searching, The National Diet Library staffs accumulated in their daily operations, for Specific research.    detail
Digital collection of The National Diet Library
   You can search and browse from collected and conserved digital date which in The National Diet Library by this service.  detail
   This service is doing collecting, conserving and providing of Internet information which is transmitted mainly in domestic.   detail

  • Multidisciplinary
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