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This is the database of materials holded by Kiichi Miyazawa (1919 - 2007), the 78th Prime Minister of Japan.
The collection covers the period when Miyazawa held important positions, and consists of original materials such as unpublished diaries and memos, diplomatic documents, ministry and party policy materials, and correspondence with key figures in Japan and abroad.

Part 1: Secretary to Minister of Finance Hayato Ikeda - A Member of the House of Councillors Period (1949-1962)

Historical Documents related to Hayato Ikeda's Visit to the U.S. / Peace Negotiations between Japan and the Allied Powers / Ikeda-Robertson Meeting / Colombo Plan / Ikeda-Kennedy Meeting / Japan-U.S. Joint Committee on Trade and Economy

Part 2: Director General of the Economic Planning Agency - Minister of International Trade and Industry (1962-1974)

Historical Documents related to Prime Minister Ikeda's Visit to Europe / Japan-U.S. Joint Committee / GATT Ministerial Meeting / Japan-U.S. Textile Negotiations / Visit to Oceania and Southeast Asia / Oil Crisis / Japan-U.S. Relations

Part 3: Minister for Foreign Affairs / Documents related to International Conferences (1974-1979)

Documents related to Meetings of the Foreign Ministers / Prime Minister Miki's Visit to the U.S. / Japan-China Relations / Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko's Visit to Japan / Japan-Australia Meetings / Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and the Reversion of Okinawa to Japan / Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty / Diet and Internal Affairs

Part 4: Director General of the Economic Planning Agency / Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party General Affairs Committee / Minister of Finance (1977-1990)

Visit to China / Visit to the U.S. / U.S.-Japan Trade Friction / Trip Abroad Materials / Toronto Summit / U.S.-Japan-European Commission / Economic Policy Materials / Kouchi-kai and Hirakawa-kai / Kouchi-kai Delegation to China

Part 5: Prime Minister / Minister of Finance / Documents related to International Conferences (1990-2002)

Prime Minister's Visit Materials / Japan-Russia Summit Meeting / PKO / Financial Crisis and Bubble Disposal Measures / Asian Economy and Currency Issues / Security / Finance Ministers' Meeting / 50th Anniversary of San Francisco Peace Treaty

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