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"Mita Bungaku" was first published in 1910 under the leadership of Nagai Kaifu, who was then a senior professor at the Faculty of Literature, Keio University. This database digitized 397 volumes from its first issue to the end of the war. In order to compete with "Waseda Bungaku", which was a stronghold of naturalism, members of "Subaru", "Shin Shicho", etc. came together. It opened its doors not only to people related to Keio University, such as Mori Ogai, Ueda Bin, Sato Haruo, Minakami Takitaro, and Kubota Mantaro, but also to people outside Keio, such as Izumi Kyoka, Tanizaki Junichiro, Ibuse Masuji, Niwa Fumio, and Sakaguchi Ango. While many magazines were forced to cease publication due to paper shortages during the war, "Mita Bungaku" continued to be published until 1944, and has become a valuable resource for the study of modern and contemporary Japanese literature.
The advertisement pages are also searchable and can be used for research on customs, economics, and management.
Contains a total of 397 issues from the May 1910 issue to the October/November 1944 issue.

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