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    How to use remote access via GakuNin
    The authentication page is not shown from "Log in" in the top page.
    The authentication is required when you do not have the access right, for example, in the case of accessing APS from off-campus or searching titles which are not subscribed.
    1. Start to search articles, and then move to the link for the articles.
    2. Click PDF button.
    3. When you see "Authorization Required" window, click "OpenAthens Log in" button in "Log in via your institution".
    4. Choose "九州大学" in the "Find your institution" box.
    5. Login with your SSO-KID.
    6. If authentication is successful, PDF file will open.

American Physical Society is the ejournal platform provided by American Physical Society. (Subscribed ejournals are only available.)

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