• Scheube Collections
    Title Transcription: Scheube Collections
    Holding: Medical Library
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Western Books
    Subject: Medical Science

Collection of Dr. Botho Scheube, a German physician in the employ of the Department of Hygiene.
The Department of Hygiene purchased 788 volumes on April 15, 1932; 56 unorganized volumes found in 2013 and 2014 are distributed in the exhibition room as the Scheube Collection. Books mixed in the Rare and Old Medical Book Collection and journals distributed on the journal shelves are sequentially entered with the name of the collection.
The materials are marked with the equipment number at the time of receipt (10301), the date of receipt, and the total number of books (788), and the bookplate, library seal, and autograph can be seen.


There are many medical books and medical journals in German.
Included are books on "beriberi," "tropical diseases," "infectious diseases," and "malaria," which were Scheube's research themes.
"Bèri-bèri : its etiology, symptoms, treatment, and pathology ... / by Arthur J.M. Bentley" was published based on a doctoral dissertation submitted to the University of Edinburgh (Gold Medal), citing Scheube's thesis on "beriberi. It was published on the basis of a Gold Medal winning dissertation.