• Kyushu University Unique Collection Catalog Database
    Title Transcription: Kyushu University Unique Collection Catalog Database
    Holding: Web
    Volumes: 21,148
    Category: Databases
    Subject: Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Linguistics, History, Geography

This is a bibliographic catalog of Kyusyu University unique collections, including:

  • Ejima Collection
  • Masazumi Eto Manuscript Collection
  • Higuchi Collection
  • Sekisui Collection
  • Kondo Collection
  • Nishida Collection
  • Shoyo Collection
  • Takeda Collection
  • Matsuki Collection---Index of Nagasaki-related document selection ("Nagasakidaikanryo-Hiradochoseikannkeisiryou" and historical materials related to the foreign trade with Holland/China are included) owned by "KIROKUSIRYOKAN" is available for search.
  • Naganuma Collecion---Index of photographic data, marine/drift/Urakata-related archives, sea route map, etc collected over Kyushu/Setonai/Hokuriku/Kishu area by the honorary professor Kenkai Naganuma in Kyushu University is available for search.
  • Legal Documents---Datebase of Legal Documents by Manuscript Library, Legal Documents Section, Kyushu University.

→Integrated into Collections since Dec, 2013.