• Art Exhibition Catalog Collection
    Title Transcription: Art Exhibition Catalog Collection
    Holding: Design Library
    Volumes: 860
    Category: Other Collections
    Contents Type: Western Books
    Subject: Art

This collection is a compilation of a vast collection of catalogs (with illustrated descriptions) consisting of the collection catalogs housed in the British Museum and other museums around the world, and the exhibition catalogues exhibited at various expositions and art exhibitions. The collection consists of 866 catalogs published between 1813 and 1972, divided into four categories: expositions, museums, exhibitions and auctions, and miscellaneous collections, with a wide range of contents including drawings, prints, oil paintings, sculptures, Greek and Roman art, oriental art, crafts, and manuscripts. Of particular interest are the famous Japanese ukiyo-e prints, samurai armors, swords, and other items that have been exported to Europe, which can be found in the catalog.