<Spring 2024>Library Workshop Questionnaire: How to Search for Academic Papers

Write your department name / faculty name
Select your position.
Date of the workshops you joined
(1)How was the workshop?
(2)Was the shared screen on PC easy to see?
(3)Were the handouts for exercises easy to understand?
(4)Was the lecturer's voice clear?
(5)How was the time length of the workshop?
(6)How was the speed of the workshop?
(7)Was the workshop content the same as you expected?
(8)Was the workshop content useful for your research life?
(11)Which is easier to attend, an online workshop like this or a face-to-face workshop?
(12)Kyushu University Library is offering On-demand video materials including today's contents on Kyushu University Moodle (e-learning system). Do you need Real-time workshops as well as On-demand video materials?
(13)How did you know this workshop? You may choose multiple answers.