Workshop for Collecting Useful Articles Effectivelly : WoS


November 11 - 14, 2013


Hakozaki, Ito

Library offers workshops for "Web of Science" and "Impact Factors" at Ito and Hakozaki Campus
Workshops are instructed by English by a professional lecturer from the provider of Web of Science.


  • Check out how many cited the paper is
  • Choose the appropriate journal to submit your manuscripts, checking impact factors
  • Learn the history & the future of your field, following references and citation maps


Campus Date Time Topic Place Capacity
Ito November 11, Monday 13:00-14:30 Web of Science Internet Salon, Ito Library 2F 30
14:50-16:20 Impact Factors 30
Hakozaki November 14, Thursday 14:50-16:20 Impact Factors Internet Salon 2, Central Library 3F 18
16:40-18:10 Web of Science 18

"Impact Factors" classes are instructed by Japanese.

Reservation is recommended due to the limited seats. Apply from this form.