SciFinder Workshops


June 12 Wed, 13 Thu 14:50-16:20


Ito Library, Central Library (Hakozaki)

Search for substance information by structure ?

Search for chemical reactions?

Library offers SciFinder workshops at Hakozaki and Ito campus. Workshops are given in English by a professional lecturer from the provider of SciFinder. Don't miss this great opportunity!

SciFinder allows you to access a wide diversity of research in chemical disciplines such as Chemical Abstract bibliographic data, organic and inorganic substance information, chemical reactions, and patents.

You can search:

  • Chemical Substances
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Chemical Industry Notes
  • Regulated Chemicals
  • Bibliographic information

Reservation is recommended due to the limited seats. Apply from this form.

Date and venue

Date Venue Seats Time
June 12, Wed. Ito: Ito Library 2F Internet Salon 30 14:50-16:20
June 13, Thu. Hakozaki: Central Library 3F 2F Internet Salon 18 40 14:50-16:20

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