Database: Images from the Collection of Valuable Medical Books and Manuscripts


What is this database?


The Medical Library of Kyushu University holds one of the great Japanese collections of valuable Eastern and Western medical books and manuscripts. In order to stimulate further study and public interest in the history of medicine, a pictorial database of images from this collection has been made available to the public over the Internet from the spring of 2003. At present it contains more than 9000 items from about 300 manuscripts and books. Each database image is provided in a medium quality version for viewing on a computer display, and in a high quality version (over 300dpi) suitable for reproduction in printed publications.

The Medical Library address should be used for further information on consulting the material collection in the reading rooms. Questions and proposals regarding the contents of the collection and the pictorial database should be sent to the Medical Library.

Reproduction of Pictorial Materials

The reproduction and distribution of images from this database over the Internet and other networks is not permitted. For reproduction in print media, such as articles and books, an application must be sent to the Medical Library, Kyushu University, 3-1-1 Maidashi Higashiku, Fukuoka-City, Japan 812-8582. Any publication must include the bibliographic data of the material used as well as the name and location of the collection. In the case of reproductions in a book, or on a CD-ROM, a copy of this publication has to be donated to Kyushu University Medical Library.