Database: Images from the Collection of Valuable Medical Books and Manuscripts


How to Retrieve

There are two ways of retrieving the images: either by choosing an item from the list of book and manuscript titles and browsing the thumbnail pictures related to that title, or by using search terms with the search engine on that page. Many terms in old books are spelled differently nowadays or are no longer in use. In order to facilitate a search, each image stored in the database is combined not only with its original bibliographical data but also with a table of modern keywords and technical terms in Japanese, English, German, French and sometimes Latin.

Each image is presented together with the bibliographical data of the book or manuscript from which it was taken.

Two collection catalogues of all Eastern and Western titles, respectively, including numerous additional information on stamps, ex libris, and other observations, are also available on the Website of our collection. Furthermore, a PDF version of both catalogues is provided, which may be downloaded and freely used for personal purposes.

Input of Keywords

Japanese terms should be given in Chinese characters and/or Kana syllables. Romanised transliterations of author names and short keywords usually lead to the same results. The spelling follows the system of Hepburn but leaves out all diacritical markers for long vowels. French words should be entered without accents and cedillas. German ä, ö, ü, and ß, have to be typed ae, oe, ue, and ss. Chinese book titles are registered in Japanese JIS fonts.