Kyushu University Medical Library: Collection of Valuable Books and Manuscripts (COMPM)
Outline of Collections and Conditions of Usage

  1. The Kyushu University Medical Library's holds three Collections of old medical books and manuscripts.

  2. The Collection of Japanese and Chinese Materials contains a variety of medical books and manuscripts mainly from the Edo-Period. At present the catalogue shows more than items.

  3. The Collection of Western Books 1500 titles of rare Western books.

Conditions of Usage
  1. Visitors need a prior permission by the director of Kyushu University Medical Library to see the materials (please fill out application form A and send it to the library).

  2. It is not possible to make photos or copies from materials kept in the collections. In certain cases the library director may allow an application for copies from a microfilm that will be made at the applicants expenses (print out application form B). The microfilm itself will be kept by the library.

  3. The Copywright of this Website and all pictorial materials lies with the Kyushu University Library. Before using it in any kind of publication an application form (PDF)has to be filled out and sent to Kyushu University Medical Library.
  4. For further details see the Medical Library's "Conditions of Usage" (in Japanese).

Kyushu University Medical Library
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