Kyushu University Medical Library: Collection of Valuable Books
History of the Collection

May 2007 Exhibition: "Diseases and Cures as Seen in Old Medical Books".
2007 About 200 European books on spas and thermal bath cures (17th-19th century) are added to the collection.
May 2003 Exhibition: "Valuable Old Books from the Medical Library".
2002 An Internet database with more than 9000 high quality pictures from old medical books is established (Grant-in-aid JSPS, FY 2002).
2002 About 250 books on anatomy from late Edo- and early Meiji-era are added to the collection.
May 2002 Exhibition of valuable books in the Medical Library: "Body in old Medical Books 2".
May 2001 Exhibition of valuable books in the Medical Library: "Body in old Medical Books 1".
2001 Most Western titles are registered. Bibliographical data of single titles are accessable by the Medical Library's OPAC
as well as the WEBCAT of NACSIS
A pdf-catalogue is added on the collections website. Beginning of the registration of Eastern titles.
1998-2000 With financial support from university president Sugioka a large scale investigation is conducted. More than 1200 old books (16th -19th c.) are added to the Collection of Valuable Books in the Medical Library.
1998 The discovery of some valuable medical books in old library stocks outside the medical campus stimulates a special exhibition in the Central Library.
1987 Purchase of 164 valuable Western books to beef up the collection.
1982 Books from various medical departments form the stock of the Collection of old Medical Books in the newly built Medical Library.