Limitation of library use to avoid spreading 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


This page shows the latest information about the measures (including limitation of library use) against COVID-19 at Kyushu University Library.
Please take proactive measures against the infection when you plan to visit our libraries, referring to "Notes on infectious disease control related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)" (updated as needed).

Last update : March 26, 2020

Library Admission

To avoid catching or spreading the virus in the library, please reconsider visiting in case you have symptoms such as:

・a fever of 37.5°C or over
・weariness (fatigue)

If you do not have such symptoms, please make preventive actions; wearing facemasks, using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and avoiding unnecessary lengths of stay.

Extension of Due Dates

Due dates of items being checked out have been extended.

【Targeted Users】
  Affiliated students, faculty and staff in Kyushu University
  (excluding graduating and leaving members)

【Targeted Items】
  All checked out items whose due dates are between March 26 and April 14
  (excluding items borrowing from laboratories or other institutions, latest issues of periodicals, items at legal studies area, and statistical materials)

【Updated Due Date】
  April 15, Wednesday, 2020


Suspension of Facilities

Some spaces in the Kyushu University Library are not available during the following period.

  March 5, Thursday, 2020 - To Be Determined

  Central Library:Group Study Room 1~4, Seminar Room 1~2
  Science and Technology Library:Group Study Room 1~4, Open Seminar Room 1~2,
                  Learning Commons 2~3
  Medical Library:Seminar room, Group study room, Communication  room, Learning room 2~3
  Design Library:Video Room, Audio-visual Room
  Chikushi Library:Study Room, E-Meeting Room, AV-LL Room

Prohibition of Conversation

Conversation while learning is prohibited at the following spaces. Only personal study is permitted.

  March 25, Wednesday, 2020 - To Be Determined

  Central Library:Cute.Commons
  Science & Technology Library:Learning Commons 1, Q-Bridge, Lobby, International Lounge,
                 Refresh Room, Workspace
  Medical Library:Browsing Room
  Design Library:AIVEA


Contact Information

  Science & Technology


Updating History
  March 26, 2020 Due dates have been extended.
  March 25, 2020 Prohibition of Conversation While Learning
  March 19, 2020 Co-working spaces are currently closed
  March 4, 2020 Co-working spaces are currently closed
  February 28, 2020 Limitation of library use to avoid spreading 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)