Cloud On-Demand Service is available


Cloud On-Demand Print has come!
Upload documents in the cloud server, then you can print it out in the library photocopy

Cloud On-Demand Print copy machines are here:

Central Library 3F/4F* *monochrome only
Science and Technology Library 1F
Medical Library 2F
Chikushi Library 1F* *monochrome only

How to Use

For details, check the manual below.

1.File Upload(3methods are available)

 ①Upload from web browser
 ②Upload from Windows Print Tool *Windows only
 ③Upload from Smartphone/Tablet Application

2.Check "Print Reference Number"

Write down the "Print Reference Number".

3.Printout from Library Copy Machine

Enter the "Print Reference Number" in the library copy machine.


Cloud On-Demand Print Manual

*University network only


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