Subject guides edited by specialists
Library Teaching Assistant (Cuter)
Student staff "Cuter" helps you using KU libraries and
computers and writing a paper.
Reference management tool
Course Registration / Syllabus
Course Regsitration, Syllabuses, and Student Portal(announcements from university such as cancellation of a class, etc.)
Computer System for Education
Use of computers (your PC, iMac), student ID, software (MS Office, WIndows OS)
e-Lerning System
Collect course materials, submitt your assignment
SSO-KID Activation
SSO-KID is Your ID to use information services of Kyushu Univ.
Activation is required for the first time.
Student Primary Mail
WiFi - Kyushu Universiyt Wireless LAN
File Sharing System
File sharing system "Proself"
Online English learning course
Kyushu University OpenCourseWare
Open course videos
Open course videos (iPhone app needed)