Information for New Students
This page summarizes the essential information for new students to Kyushu university.
Subject guides edited by specialists
Library Teaching Assistant (Cuter)
Student staff "Cuter" helps you using KU libraries and
computers and writing a paper.
Course Registration / Syllabus
Course Regsitration, Syllabuses, and Student Portal(announcements from university such as cancellation of a class, etc.)
M2B Learning Support System
Collect course materials, submitt your assignment
SSO-KID Activation
SSO-KID is Your ID to use information services of Kyushu Univ.
Activation is required for the first time.
Student Primary Mail
WiFi - Kyushu University Wireless LAN
File Sharing System
File sharing system "Proself"
Online English learning course
Kyushu University OpenCourseWare
Open course videos
Open course videos (iPhone app needed)