Online Contents: Accessible at Home

Kyushu University Library provides resources for learning, education, and research which are accessible at home. ​
​For example, online contents such as e-journals, ebooks, databases and varieties of e-learning materials such as "How to Writing Reports".

These special pages collect useful information which is accessible at home, for new students, students, and researchers respectively.
​Please access at the left menu! (Contents will be updated timely. )

◆Remote Access Services◆

You can use E-Contents (E-Journals, E-Books and Databases) off-campus.
1. Access Library Website.
2. Please click "Log in to access full text of licenced content." at the top page of the library.
3. Log in by SSO-KID.
4. Then, please access E-Contents.
The list of E-Contents is here. You can use off-campus E-Contents with which "Off campus" icon is dispalyed.