Class Activities in the Library (For Faculty Members)

Faculty who are planning class activities in the library

Kyushu University Library has some access limits such as visiting as a group and having conversation with other users in order to prevent from spreading COVID-19.
However, we accept class activities only if requested in advance, taking necessary infection control measures.

How to Contact Us

For the following purposes, please let us know via the following form:

・Students might be assigned literature search collaborating with classmates in the library.
・Library tours might be planned in a class.
・Seminar rooms in the library might be needed to use library materials during a class.

Attention to students

To secure the students' safety, please share the points of attention with them:

・Wear a mask during their stay.
・Make sure that sanitizing hands when they enter, and washing and sanitizing hands after they use equipment.
・Keep a safe distance all the time.

We appreciate your designing activities taking safety measures as much as possible.

The following services assist the students to use library materials more smoothly and effectively.

Library Videos

11 short movies showing how to find library materials and how to do a literature search.

Learning Support by Library TA (Cuter) on the Web

Need help?  Library TA(Cuter) assists your surviving in a class and academic life!

Ask a librarian!

Reference librarians answer your questions such as literature searching and database using.